Thursday, June 24, 2021

Because, reasons

I was lounging on Lou’s patio yesterday evening when one of the local rabbits (a smaller species than the one with the damaged ears) lazily hopped out of the long grass and into the mown area. It paused a few seconds, perhaps checking me out and assessing whether I was a danger, then it moved a little to the left. It sat there for a minute or two then moved farther left where it stretched out on its belly. After a while it found another spot off to the right and closer to me. Then it hopped back to the left, then farther left, then a little closer, then a little farther, and just sat there for several minutes, apparently having found a spot it liked. Or maybe just zoning out. It eventually hopped lazily back into the tall grass where I lost sight of it. Tan rabbit moving through tan grass that waved in the breeze.

I continued lounging on the patio, wondering about the rabbit’s motivations. Why did it come out of the tall grass? Why did it pause at the places it did? Rabbits usually appear to be on some general mission. Searching for food. Commuting between the field and their burrow under the cargo container. But yesterday’s bunny seemed to be just wandering around.

Wandering. Hmmmmm, that sounds familiar.

I suppose my movements around the country, pausing here, zigzagging there, look random and purposeless to higher forms of intelligence. “What the hell are his motivations? Why that spot rather than another? Does he have a reason or is he just reacting to innate urges?”

Um, yeah.

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  1. Does it matter? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. And as always Thank-you for sharing your thoughts.