Monday, June 14, 2021


The local temperatures lately have been in the upper 90s, occasionally slipping into the triple digits (about 36°C to 38°C) . It hasn’t been fun but it hasn’t been unbearable. I got out my windshield cover and shade netting, turned on the fans, and opened everything up to take advantage of the breeze/wind. This photo was taken just before sunset because it was unpleasant being outside in the blazing sun. But at least—hallelujah—it’s not humid.


  1. Shade netting? I never heard of it before. Seems especially good for a vehicle with windows.

    Is "shade netting" a good buzzword when doing a search box?

    1. What I have is actually winter camouflage netting (white, for snow). There is also a thing called shade cloth, primarily used in greenhouses and such. It comes in various degrees of sun blocking, and in black, green, tan and silver.

  2. The best temperature to me is 62 in the morning after a 100 degree day.