Sunday, June 6, 2021


I’ve had this Tenergy charger since the beginning of my nomadic life. Its primary use has been to recharge the batteries in various lights that aren’t hard wired into the house electrical system. It hasn’t been used much lately because I have fewer of those lights.

One of those lights had gotten rather dim. Time to recharge. Since the charger gets stored in an inconvenient place (which is appropriate for seldom used things) I decided I might as well top off all my various batteries, including the nine AA’s in my 1,200 lumen flashlight/bludgeon. And it's nice to be using shore power for this rather than my solar batteries.

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  1. Sadly I have given up on rechargeable batteries..The AAA's-AA's...They seem to die too early, especially when I really need them..
    Last week I found some lights that are recharged with the same cords as phones etc. About 6" long, motion detection if chosen..They are out in my shop with "Lucy", my Winnebago..If you are interested I'll go look up their name tomorrow...Walmart back in the RV section of the Chelan store..I like them!