Thursday, June 10, 2021

Go to the corner

There’s an exposed wire bundle in the back corner of the Rolling Steel Tent. In passenger vans it would be covered by nice plastic moulding, but in work vans it just hangs out there, saying, “Hi, I’m a bunch of wires and stuff.”

I’ve done various things over the years to make it slightly less unsightly. The first was wrapping it in white baseball bat grip tape. 

Linda May gave me a strand of fairy lights that I wrapped around the cable. Oooo, atmosphere. After visiting a Lakota shrine I started hanging strips of colorful cloth from the wires. I occasionally added feathers I’d find on the ground. Or bits of discarded metal rusting in the wild. A key… some washers… rings… a spoon… a piece of bone…

Then, this past winter, while wandering through the vendor tents in Quartzsite, I saw some cool beads. Yeah, that’s what I need. So:

I’ve acquired more beads since then, and I keep modifying the strands and changing things around. Who knows where this will lead.