Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Filling in the gaps

Back in April of 2018 I had a plan: drive all the sections of US-191 that I hadn’t driven yet. Why 191? Because it runs through so many places that are significant to me. And because it runs border to border. I'm just weird about things like that.

But I got sidetracked in Safford AZ. I went to California instead. However, in August I drove the Montana sections of 191. That left just a couple of relatively short pieces: from Bluff UT to Chinle AZ, and from I-40 to Alpine AZ. 

There I was, in southeast Utah, reevaluating my hiking plans, and also wanting to check on Lou in southwest New Mexico. Ah-ha, finally an opportunity to complete my weird little quest.

So what’s next? Maybe I could finish driving the rest of Baja California—Guerrero Negro to Cabo San Lucas. We’ll see.


  1. I really like your idea of doing 191 border to border.

  2. Good to know...as a native of Montana I was unaware of highway 191 transferring north south with origins in the Last Best Place, Big Sky Country, the Treasure State,etc.