Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Half a plan is better than none

Back before I discovered van dwelling, one of my retirement options was to get two small lots, one in Canada for summer living, one in Mexico for the rest of the year. They’d serve as my private single-vehicle RV parks.

But then I thought about the complications of buying land in a foreign country, visas, having to pay property taxes, the possibility of vandalism while I was away... I scrapped that idea.

I realized the other day that I’m living half that plan now. I have a few three-seasons places I can stay free for as long as I want. For example, I could hunker down in Slab City from autumn to spring. No rent, no taxes, no one telling me to move on after 14 days. Now I just need some summer locations. I’ll be drifting northward as things warm up and snow melts. In the meantime, there’s some exploring to do.

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