Sunday, March 30, 2014

I had a dream

Back before I decided to become a van dweller I did a lot of online research about places I might live. One that was high on my list for a while was Bisbee, Arizona. It’s one of those preserved/restored Western mining towns.

I’d found a place in the real estate listings that grabbed my interest and sparked several fantasies. A big store in the historic district that could be divided into apartments upstairs and, best of all, leave me a big studio space on the ground floor. Ignore all the repairs and modernizations that would be required. Ignore that I didn’t have that kind of money.

Well, someone bought it, and it looks like it’s being used for residential. They probably dumped a lot of money into it. The awnings alone cost several thousand. I’m only a little envious. I'd rather have my freedom.


  1. Back in the early 80's I bought my first piece of real estate in Bisbee. It was a 2 bedroom adobe for $1800 TOTAL !! It was on Phelps-Dodge land (Bisbee was a "company town") and I paid a $6.00/year land lease. Sold it a year later for double. Wish I hadn't now. It was about a block from a very popular watering hole (called Saint something I seem to remember in the "downtown" area).

  2. Now, when the new owner goes bankrupt just as you decide it is time to get off the road you can get it cheap with all the updates already done. See, everything works out.

  3. You have much more exploring to do, right?