Monday, April 14, 2014

When did this become the hot spring tour?

I posted a while back about my visit to a hot spring in Tonopah, AZ. 

Then I posted the other day about the hot springs in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Well, on the way to City of Rocks State Park (the one in New Mexico, not Idaho) I saw a sign for Faywood Hot Springs. With camping. Woo, another hot spring! I had to check it out. 

$18.75 got me a tent campsite and all the soaking I cared to do. And I care to do a lot. 

They have public pools, private pools, three temperatures of water, cottages, RV hookups and, when the new building is finished, massages. Yes!

After City of Rocks I’ll be going to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. And Gila Hot Springs, of course. I will be very relaxed. And clean.


  1. Soak up all you can, you will need to remember this tour next winter!

  2. I like the ones with steps instead of ladders. Next time I head to New Mexico I'm using your blog as a guide.

  3. Oh, sweet! It looks like a lovely place. I hope you stumble across some freebies! I've got a do a post soon about my latest free finds near Mammoth Lakes, CA. I've read and have been told that there are so many hot springs in that area that folks can have their own personal free hot spring and camp right next to it! I have yet to scout some of those out. But, I quite enjoyed the public free ones. Being the usual loner that I am, hot springs can be a fun place to socialize. Though, I have found one spring near Keough outside of Bishop, I had all to myself, and that was a real joy too!