Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another strategic retreat

Sigh. I like my campsite in the Mt. Hood National Forest, but the overcast is making it hard to keep my solar batteries charged. So, it's either head away from the wet western part of Oregon or turn off the fridge and throw away perishable food. Or binge eat all of it.

The National Weather Service says it won't be sunny here until Monday. Accuweather is slightly more optimistic, saying Sunday. Either way, I gotta flee. Sigh.


  1. Yeah, that's a tough one with the frig. I know this is just my choice (and I'm not boasting), but, I've now been without a frig for over a year, well as long as I've been on the road. I'm not sure that I'm going to get one anytime in the near future either. I really enjoy the frugality of just needing power for my computer, Wifi, fan (when it's needed), and (when I can find a stinking 12-volt socket whose wires won't keep melting with my 13 amp fry pan skillet.....Bob says I should use Anderson connectors but the RV places in Reno had no clue), the water bubbler and fry pan, once per day for cooking.

    Right now, I'm not even able to cook because, like I mentioned, I keep burning up the cheapo 12-volt socket wires with the cheapo Road Pro skillet and I simply refuse to drag the 20 lb propane tank in and out of the van to cook. I may just get rid of that thing soon, but, can't seem to part with it yet. Anyway, pretty minimal stuff. I can be fine for days, even in overcast/rainy weather, it seems with my system. I have a 240 watt panel powering up two car batteries for all of this. Seems to work well, even in the rainy times. Welcome to Oregon! It's a real pretty place. And yeah, it's kind of damp, but, I think it's a nice change from the desert. It's so lush out here and it reminds me of back east with the vegetation.

  2. I thought I'd need to go back to Pendleton. But the clouds began to break up as the sun got higher in the sky. I started singing (badly) "Mr. Blue Skies." Now I'm back in Hood River and it's partly sunny/cloudy and the batteries are on float. I'm happy. I'll go back up to the ridge this evening. If it rains again, I'm in good shape.

  3. It's been a continual, icky mist here at the beach today. I don't like icky mists. In fact, I don't like getting wet unless it's a nice hot spring or hot shower. LOL. I'm depending on a summer climate shift here which I thought was to occur for July and August for this area.