Friday, June 13, 2014

Off the beaten track

Armed with my Forest Service tips and maps, and the feeling of confidence that comes with having a little information, I set off exploring this morning. Oh look! A dirt road! Where does that lead? And off I'd go.

There were times when the "road" got rocky, rutted, steep and narrow and I wondered whether there would be someplace to turn around or whether I was driving myself into a dead end squeeze. There were times when those wide-ish spots would appear that I debated turning around or continuing forward. I chose the latter. And I was glad.

From the top of Galena Summit

Well, others have been this way, so...

Oh look, a nice creek!

I didn't get photos of the really bad parts of the road because I was too busy driving

Just when I thought I was in a terribly remote spot that only crazy people would go, I came across a street sign

And then a beautiful meadow

Along the way I saw several great camping spots, except they lacked sufficient sun, any cell signal, or both. Say, what about the areas behind the SNRA office they told me about? I checked it out and found a sunny spot by an abandoned corral, with 4G service. And no one else around. Pretty good luck for Friday the 13th.

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