Monday, June 2, 2014

Living with less

Can you fit your life into 60 square feet? That's the area of the standard cargo van. Can you fit your life into 60 square feet and not have the rest of your possessions stuffed in a storage facility or a friend's attic? The totality of your stuff in the back of a van, with room left for yourself to move around and to sleep? And if you could, would you be happier?

This video covers some of the same well-trod ground of the Less Is More message we've been hearing for the last half century or more. But it absolutely applies to this van dwelling life I've chosen to live. In fact, we van dwellers are way ahead of what's said here.

Besides the huge edit I had to do to go from living in a house to living in a van, I've edited several times more along the way. I'm about to do another edit. The goal is to get rid of one 58 quart container's worth of things. Because I've learned greater empty space in the van is worth more than many of the things occupying it. It will make me happier than owning stuff.


  1. I so agree! Less IS more.
    I prefer my belongings to fit in a carry bag or backpack. The freedom this provides me is incredible and increasingly preferable even with the size of my van

  2. Editing your life. I like it a lot. <=> I like that even more. Good video clip. Thanks.

  3. Editing your life - a job worth doing! Having cleaned out homes of three family members who have now passed? Do it so your kids don't have to!! ~Sassafras