Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I moved up

The previous campsite had that nice deep-in-the-forest quality to it, but there was very little opportunity for sunlight and too much opportunity for mosquitoes. So I studied my maps and Google satellite views, looking for larger clearings. That meant moving out of the valleys and up onto the ridges.

Now, instead of being at the base of the trees, I look down on them. And instead of my view being about fifteen feet in any direction, I can see all the way to Mt. Adams, in Washington. (My view of Mt. Hood is blocked by other ridges.) Best of all, being up here gives me three bars of 4G mobile signal. Sweet. And (so far) no mosquitoes.

Now, if only the cloud cover would break up and give me some blue sky like yesterday. Oh, I forgot, this is the Pacific Northwest.


  1. is it a nice change from the desert? Are you finding a preference for one or the other?


  2. I need variety. I like the desert more than I had previously expected. Even if it weren't for the summer heat I'd need a break from it. So, today is overcast with occasional drizzles. The next couple of days will be the same. That would ordinarily bum me out, but it feels okay this time because I think I went through some type of mental readjustment last weekend. This van dwelling life is more about the self than the geography or weather.