Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alone. Together.

Jo, Lou and I have been camping together on and off for a few months. I left our camp in the Alabama Hills this morning and drove to a spot with better cell reception. I had to make sure the Internet still existed. Lou and Jo joined me a while later.

When Lou wanted to leave the multi-bar 4G LTE spot outside Lone Pine, his truck wouldn't start. He has been having trouble with that. Fortunately, he was able to get it started after some mechanical fiddling and swearing. But what if he hadn't? And what if there had been no one there to give him a ride for help?

That's the risk of being a loner. Being alone out in the boonies means being alone out in the boonies without help. And sometimes we need it.

Lou was tired of the starting problem and knew it could leave him seriously stranded sometime, so he drove to the Ford dealer an hour away in Bishop. If he has to leave the truck, he'll call and I'll go get him. Because we help each other. Because we're not alone.


  1. UPDATE: Lou didn't need to leave his truck overnight. I went to Bishop anyway to do some serious grocery shopping. There's a Von's and Smart & Final there, compared to the small grocery in Lone Pine.

  2. That's beautiful how you folks help each other. Boy you've seen some beautiful things. Great photos! Maureen at

  3. Right now Happy Together by the Turtles is playing in a continuous loop in my head.

  4. That's my favorite thing about camping with van dwellers. We leave each other alone except for when we decide to be together. It's great pulling into camp and seeing no one--then after while people start popping out of their vans like prairie dogs out of their holes and you are warmly welcomed. I haven't camped with any of you for more than a year now but I know I would be welcome f I pulled into camp tomorrow. That's a great feeling.