Monday, April 6, 2015

Never trust Spring

Spring and Autumn are seasons of change. Transitional seasons. Of the two, Autumn seems more honest, more trustworthy.

“Look,” Autumn says, “my job is to ease you into Winter. I’ll give you as much pleasant weather as I can, but it won’t last. Sorry.”

On the other hand, Spring has a tendency to over-promise. “Woo-hoo! Winter’s over! Balmy weather is here! Flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing out! Pack away the long underwear and parkas, baby, it’s time for Absolutely Perfect Weather®!” 

Then an Arctic blast swoops in and Spring acts like it had nothing to do with it. Jerk.

That doesn't mean I'm whining about the current weather. Much. It's a little nippier than it was a couple of days ago, but it's not as if I'd been snowed on or anything. It's just that I need to keep checking the forecasts and planning accordingly. I can't assume anything, except that Spring will be erratic.

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