Friday, April 24, 2015

The devil is in the house

The thin dark green line in the distance is Bishop, California

A few miles north of Bishop, California, is an area geologists call the Bishop Tuff and the BLM calls the Volcanic Tablelands. One of the routes into the area is named Casa Diablo Road. That's where I'm camped now. Being here gives me an excuse to use one my favorite terms: pyroclastic flow. Oh, sure, lava gets all the fame, but pyroclastic flow has a greater likelihood of killing you.

I thought I would be here by myself, but, surprise, a friend happens to be camped across the road. That's nice.

One drawback of this particular spot is that the solar panel falls into shadow late in the day. I think that's the devil's way of saying, "Hey, get off my lawn!"

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