Sunday, April 26, 2015


Another day of chilly howling wind here in Bishop. It means spending most of my time inside the Rolling Steel Tent, door closed, windows up, vent down.

Last night I was going over maps and forecasts, trying to decide whether to hang tight here or find someplace more commodious. How much more do I bounce around this corner of the country before heading to Oregon? If I were to zig or zag, how far? Go south just to go north again? Burn up how much gas just to avoid some discomfort and boredom?

I slept on it.

I checked the local forecast again this morning. It predicts warmer, less windy conditions starting tomorrow. Okay. I can wait another day before making any travel plans. Meanwhile, I have reading to do.


  1. Are you going North on 395? Topaz Lake is interesting.


    1. I must have passed it last year as I headed south on 395, but I remember nothing about it. I guess my mind was elsewhere.