Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuttle Creek Campground, Lone Pine, California

Dawn at Tuttle Creek. Low sunlight through broken clouds.

Until I join Lou in Oregon to help him modify his trailer, I'll be chasing the weather sweet spot: pleasant daytime temperatures, but not too cold at night. That brought me back to Lone Pine. High enough elevation to be out of the desert heat, far enough south to be out of sub-freezing nights. Bone-chilling winds drove us out a couple of weeks ago, but now it's just right. Lone Pine is also handy for supplies and services, unlike some other locations with good weather.

This time around, I'm staying at the Tuttle Creek Campground rather than a mile or so away among the rocks of Movie Flats. It's a BLM fee campground, but it gets a strong 4G LTE cell signal. I figure $2.50 per day (senior discount) is worth it. Plus there are the usual campground amenities. Hurray for toilets.

Looking north. There's still snow on some of the peaks.

A few days here, then I think I'll move north to Bishop. There are boondocking areas west and north of town I'd like to check out.