Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stuck in a high-profile vehicle

Right now, I'm at the Las Vegas Bay campground in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. That puts me right under the big gray arrow on the map above. The weather report says:
A low pressure system tracking across the West will continue to deliver cool and unsettled weather to part of the region heading into the middle of the week.
The storm system will be responsible for bringing gusty winds to parts of the Southwest through Wednesday night that could cause some issues.
Wind gusts will top 50 mph over parts of Nevada and Utah through Wednesday. Where the winds blow across highways, they can be strong enough to be a hazard for high profile vehicles.

The wind started howling yesterday afternoon, eased up a bit in the middle of the night, then started up again about dawn. It's a nasty cold wind loaded with dust and grit. I don't want to be outside.

Meanwhile, as the map shows, it's pleasant west of the Sierras. The problem would be driving there in this wind. While the Rolling Steel Tent isn't as tall as a semi or an RV, it's still top heavy and squirrely in crosswinds.

So I'll just wait it out. The campground is nice, and the 4G cell signal is strong. And at least I won't be sweating in the heat. There are worse situation than this.


  1. I preferred not to drive my van in winds more than 20 mph. We parked once in 70 mph winds and got very little sleep that night; it was scary. Good cell signal makes it easy to wait out winds. But, you might have to spend the next few days trying to get out all the dust the wind blew through cracks you didn't even know you had. As Sarge always said on Hill Street Blues, "Be safe out there."

  2. It's blowing like an S.O.B. here in Ventura county as well !