Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sandy Flat Campground, Kern River, California

No, if one is in Bishop, with the intention of going to Oregon, it makes no sense to go south to the Kern River.

Sense is overrated.

The weather and scenery are better than Bishop, though.

I hadn't been in this area in several decades. My first time was in 1977. I had just moved to Los Angeles. A girl I was sort of dating knew a guy who was putting in his required flight time on a single-engine plane. He was flying from Van Nuys to Kernville and back and she snagged a ride for us. He piloted, we made out in the back. I didn't see much on the ground other than the Kernville airstrip.

I returned in '81 or '82 for a camping trip with some coworkers. We took a very mellow raft ride. The big excitement was the Hell's Angels who'd come to party in Kernville. VROOM-VROOM-VROOM! WOOOOOOOO!!! VROOM-VROOM!

Sandy Flat Campground is much quieter. It's a weekday, so the place is empty except for the camp host, his dog, and me. Rafters and kayakers use the place for river access.  I haven't found the sandy and flat part yet.

The campground is run for the Forest Service by a concessionaire. So the nightly rate ($22) is rather high. But, hey, that's the norm in California. My interagency senior pass gets me half off.

I'll be here a few days, then I'll head north. If I don't get distracted and wander some more.



    H2O makes a big difference, enjoy the scenery !!

  2. You're rather close to some EXCELLENT hot springs. The trail is steep, but it is a short walk from parking area.
    I'm a part time van dweller. 3 hours directly west of your current location. message me here, your blog, if you are near Pismo Beach area, need help, or anything, wanna compare maps, routes, stealth site, or just wanna meet a like minded wanderer.
    I'll be heading north in a month or so, for a 3 month wandering jag. 6 month jag if I'm extremely lucky.

  3. Are these pictures recent?

    1. I took them the day before I posted them. So that would be April 27.