Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I want this!

Ever since I started living out of a van I've had an idea for a rooftop warm water and shower gadget. Cap off a length of black ABS pipe, put a fill cap on the top, a spout on one end and an air valve on the other.

Well, this guy had pretty much the same idea, only he has taken in to the production and marketing stage.

This guy's good at inventing and engineering, but he's really awful as a video presenter

The difference is his is made of aluminum. He started with ABS, but learned it had disadvantages. I'm glad he did all the trial and error.

I know a lot of van dwellers who'd love to have a Road Shower, but the $300 price will scare most of us away. How badly do I want an easier way to wash up? How much of my irreplaceable life would I spend with the water heating and bathing method I use now? I don't know. I'd jump on it for, say, $150. Possibly $200. Of course, $300 would be a huge bargain if it included the bikini babe in the video.



    I just saved you $280 with a truly portable product, now go hose down and remember to wash behind your ears.