Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An actual book?

Jo asked if I'd read the Jimmy Buffett book "about turning fifty."

"A Pirate Looks at Fifty?" I replied. "I've read one of his others, but not that one."

"I'm finished with it. Do you want it?"


She stepped into her camper and came out with a hardback. Wow. A hardback. About an inch and a quarter thick. About 450 pages. Maps inside the covers. Serious bookness. Especially after reading e-books the past couple of years. I hefted it. Considered it.

"Until I get around to reading it, I guess I could use it to prop up something."


  1. “A puff of kief in the morning makes a man as strong as a hundred camels in the courtyard.”

    1. Do you know that ol poster is valued at $950? I had a fortune in my bedroom, brought by an old hippie. Part of that original north California commune. He could read.