Monday, December 28, 2015

Moving on again

A week at the Cocopah Casino RV parking area seemed like enough. I mean, what's left to do after installing a new roof rack and sharing the casino's Christmas buffet with Jo and Lou? Gamble? Surely you jest.

But where to go that isn't below freezing at night? After checking the forecasts and maps, I thought, "Hmmm, what about the Long Term Visitor Area near Holtville, California? It has a hot spring. So even if the weather turned too chilly, I could sit in the spring and get warm, clean and wrinkly. After all, this photo I found looks nice, right?

Lou and Jo were going to head out tomorrow, so I was the advanced scout.

Well, the place was too crowded (ugh, generators), too close to the freeway, and too close to a power plant. Not our kind of place, especially at $40 for two weeks (even though that pass is valid at any of the other LTVAs in the area).

I called Lou, interrupted his lunch, and gave him my report. "So, I'm going to go back to American Girl Mine Road to scout a place for all of us."

That was only partly true. I returned to American Girl Mine Road, but I set up camp (i.e., parked and put out the step) at the same spot I've been twice before. With the rock spiral. Because I like it. I'll find a group spot tomorrow morning. Denise and Dale are around here somewhere. And some bluegrass players.

Home again


  1. Great shot of the springs! Next time through maybe see if Steve Hunter is hosting the LTVA. He said there was another springs (clothing optional) somewhere off the beaten track a few miles nearby. My suspicions that it too would be overcrowded (even ONE -- unless female -- is too many!) kept me from delving.

    1. I know where that hot spring is. A few miles east of Brawley, south of Highway 78. Word has it that it can be littered sometimes, but that it's also a favorite of Canadian nudists.

    2. I'll pass that on to my Yukon girlfriend. You might enjoy her blog: Keeper of Wild Places...

      Her artwork can be seen here...

      An amazing woman; she likes poetry; tell her I sent you.
      ; - )