Saturday, December 26, 2015

Like folding a tent in a phone booth

Howling winds today meant I had to remove my windshield cover before it sailed off to Mexico. (I imagine all of Blythe, CA, and bits of Las Vegas will arrive here later this afternoon.)

The cover back in calmer times

All the small magnets I'd added to hold down the edges had worked great in lesser winds, but the cover was starting to flap around threateningly. So out I went to rescue it, which almost turned me into an accidental kitesurfer. (Oh look, there goes a neighbor's carpet. And the neighbor.)

Back inside the Rolling Steel Tent I had a brief conference between my old sloppy self and my new trying-to-be-organized self. Fold the cover nicely and put it back in it's handy sack, or just wad it up and toss it in a corner? Well, if I'm going to be stuck inside today, I should make the place as roomy as possible.

I started folding. And muttering. The cover is not only large, it was also stiff from the low temperature. Totally uncooperative. But I fought it and the urge to toss it outside and wave "AdiĆ³s, mi amigo terco. Tener una vida feliz en Baja." I eventually won and now the cover is in its designated spot next to the refrigerator. And I'm in my designated spot in front of the computer, as the Rolling Steel Tent rocks in the wind.

Tengan una vida feliz, mis amigos.


  1. A couple of reference sites...!6137&query=sitedetails

    1. Your windshield is not terco is just plain cold !!

  2. I love the desert but man those winds can be brutal. Stay safe and warm my friend.

  3. It was cold! The winds were just brutal today. I am really hoping tomorrow will be better. We're in Tucson. Could be worse - could be snowing!

  4. Have you read: The Desert Year by Joseph Wood Krutch (1952)? He does a nice job of distinguishing between the pleasures of traveling and being somewhere.

  5. Y tu, mi amigo. At least, it's a dry wind :D