Sunday, December 6, 2015

RoadPro oven survey

Lou noticed that his RoadPro oven didn't seal completely, that there was a hairline gap between the seals in front and in back. With the lid properly aligned and the latch firmly snapped, we could see daylight when we held the oven just so.

We compared his oven to Jo's. Hers had no gap. Then we compared it to mine. It has a gap.


Had there always been a gap on ours? Was it a bad production run? Or had it changed over time? Was it that Jo's oven was new and ours were a couple of years old? Plastic + heat = warpage?

So, dear readers and owners of RoadPro ovens, how old is yours, how often do you use it, and does it have a gap?


  1. IME, road pro (on all products) has highly variable quality control. I haven't used my lunchbox cooker since I got a Max Burton digital stove (which I adore). The heavy lunch box lid on the road pro was annoying, as was the lack of temperature control. I'm quite fond of my Max Burton burner too; the fuel is much cheaper at Fred Meyer than TA!

    To actually answer your survey: 3 years old, never, not pulling it out of storage to check!

    1. Which Max Burton? The lunch box looking one, the cylindrical one, or the toaster oven looking one?


      Admittedly, the latch works but doesn't stay in place, fiddling required. But being able to heat food to 150° and hold it there till done driving is awesome! Not burned, not cold, just right - Goldilocks stew!