Friday, December 4, 2015

Back at Buckeye Hills

After checking the forecasts for winds and overnight lows, Lou and I decided to meet up at Buckeye Hills Regional Park. Again. We liked it before, and it's still good.

It's free, it's scenic, it's quiet, and it's handy to the stores and services in Buckeye (the farthest western suburb of Phoenix).

We'll be here a while. Perhaps occasional field trips to Phoenix will satisfy my wanderlust. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy it.


  1. Suggestions.....Have you considered Big Bend State Park or the Gulf Coast? There was an article in a recent issue of the WSJ Magazine about Donald Judd's sculpture garden and all the "doings" in & around Marfa. 170 from Presidio to Terlingua was written about in a not too distant issue of Overland Journal. It sounded pretty cool. And Terlingua is purported to be rife with artists and other interesting folk.

    Some Canadian friends used to winter at a state park on an island off the west coast of Florida (They now go to Merida). They had to take a ferry to the island, but there were toilets and fresh water and it was cheap....and warm. (Sorry, but I couldn't find the name.) I hope to caravan down the Baja in January but as you've seen from my blog I'm still fulfilling familial duties. Although I didn't care for Mustang Island (too much water) you might enjoy it. But finding dispersed camping in TX is a tough job....just so you know. Good Luck!

    1. I've been to Big Bend (both state and national parks) Terlingua, Presidio and Marfa. I enjoyed them and might go back some day. But it's a long way from Arizona and colder there right now. Farther south but 4,000 feet higher. As for Florida, it's WAY too far.