Saturday, December 5, 2015

Looking back, but not going back

It was the day to bid a happy farewell to the house I'd just unloaded sold. The new sucker owner would take possession the next day. Between eBay, charities and dumpsters I had gotten rid of all my possessions except what I thought would be absolutely necessary for my new nomadic life. Here's everything that made the cut, loaded haphazardly into the van.

Bags and bags of clothing... artwork... a 21" monitor... pottery... power tools... books...

I thought, "There won't be enough room even when this is all arranged neatly. I mean, I still need to fit a mattress in here somehow."

But I thinned the pile—several times—and now about 80% of it is gone. And I don't miss any of it. (Except sometimes the art.)

That was two and a half years ago, but it seems much longer. Not just since that day I drove away from the money pit house, but also since I started the journey away from that guy I used to be, who used to think "my necessities" had a much wider. deeper definition.


  1. Looks like you left your house without your van being built out.. insulated and such? When I traveled last year, I did the same. I headed out with little done to the van. Mine is still in that condition.

    1. After leaving the house I spent two months at a friend's place building out the van. He had a converted utility trailer I lived in and a shop to work in.