Thursday, June 16, 2016

A day of wandering

I cruised slowly through not-quite-awake-yet Crested Butte and headed up county road 12 over Kebler Pass. The road is unpaved most of the way, but well maintained. In fact, with the snow gone, it was time for crews to treat the road with magnesium chloride. I had to look it up. Its purpose is to bind the dirt and gravel surface and repel water. Sort of low-budget paving. But until it dries it's like driving through a slurry of mud. But it was a small inconvenience to pay for being up among snow-capped peaks and forests.

Along the way I visited Lost Lake. It can't be too lost if I was able to find it. There's a campground, picnic area, and a guy painting landscapes. I don't think he's a standard feature of the place, though.

He was painting this view, with some clouds added. Artistic license, you know. His style looked a little like a cross between van Gogh and 1930s travel posters.

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