Thursday, June 16, 2016

Rocky Mountain high

Having seen snow-capped mountains from the valleys, I figured it was time to see them from snow level. So I drove over the Continental Divide via Cottonwood Pass. The road on the Atlantic side is paved all the way to the summit. The road on the Pacific side, where I started, is unpaved and has a lot of washboard. That made me feel like I had a bigger adventure than the folks who cruised up from Buena Vista.

Looking somewhat west

Looking east-ish

For those who are totally acclimated to high elevations, there's a trail from the road to an even higher spot. (Part of the Continental Divide Trail, I think.) "Mmmm, nah. I'm good," I panted." My lungs and heart thanked me by not spazzing out.


  1. Very pretty up there, how cold is it ??

    1. I was there at about 11:30 and it was in the mid 60s. Nights would be freezing.

  2. Awesome!!!!! I will get there someday......someday soon!

  3. That's a beautiful drive!