Friday, June 3, 2016

Mother may I?

I was brought up to always defer to authority, to never act without permission, to assume all things are forbidden unless expressly allowed. Fortunately, I broke out of that submissive training. Mostly. Some of it still sticks with me.

I’ve been living in the Rolling Steel Tent for almost three years, camping all over the West. More than a hundred different places so far just this year. But even though I know it’s fine and legal to camp on public land (within minimal rules), my inner groveling child still asks, “Is it okay to be here?” It’s like I want a ranger to come by and give me official permission. 

It’s the same with free campgrounds. Nothing’s ever free, right? Maybe I just didn’t see the pay station. I’m going to get rousted in the middle of the night.

Some nomads probably think I spend too much time in pay campgrounds. “Dude, you’re throwing your money away.” Could be, but sometimes it’s worth it to not have that permission-seeking kid fretting all night.


  1. That looks like a fantastic spot to camp to me. Permission granted!!! :)

  2. Beautiful settings, seems SOOOO peaceful, love IT !! Watch out for the snakes tho...

  3. Wow, three years already. Your a lucky man! I am near your age and in between jobs again. I've got the van but not the money and early retirement pension would barely finance a dry spot under a bridge!!! Blame it on a misspent youth, but from what I can remember it was fun while it lasted. LOL

  4. I think that's part of why I would buy a seasonal pass in Q. I could camp anywhere in the extended area and know I wouldn't get rousted. That $180 bought a LOT of peace of mind as well as a place to dump and fill and get rid of trash.

    1. Good to know...piece of mind is priceless.

  5. It's one of the things keeping me from setting out on my own. Beutiful pic!

  6. Geez..some ranger jobs I wouldn't care to have..My brother and I headed to Lake Tahoe from Seattle in my Dodge van a zillion yrs ago. We stopped at a NFS campground off 97 by Chilocon..ton?? some back road CG with springs..Very nice but the skeeters came out at dusk.We were so tired just wanted a safe place for the night and the only one's there..5 AM pounding on the rig!!..You didn't pay!
    I figured they owed us for the blood we donated to the locals..
    Told him we only had $20,'s no checks..He took it and off he went..D-Hd..

  7. I would love to find myself there!! What are the odds a ranger is going to show up?? Boondock away Al!!