Sunday, September 4, 2016

I need to stop wanting a drone

I thought I had the drone thing out of my system. Then I happened to pass by a display of them while getting necessary supplies.

"YES," said Id.

"Maybe," said Ego.

"No," said Superego.

Yet there I was, a few days later, looking up the DJI Phantom 3 Standard. And reading the reviews. And looking for the best prices. Id and Ego were smiling, nodding their heads. Superego was reciting the reasons for his veto.

"Too much money, and it will take up too much room."

"It's not that expensive, and it won't take up that much room," countered Ego.

"The insurance on the Rolling Steel Tent is due this month. And the tires will need to be replaced this year," counter-countered Superego.

"But it's so cool," whined Id.

"Think of the amazing videos you could shoot," added Ego.

"And it's so cool," reminded Id.

Superego was firm. "No."

Ego started negotiating. "What about a small, really cheap one just to take the occasional airborne still?"

"No. You'll be dissatisfied and want the Phantom 3 Standard even more."

"No we won't," said Ego.

"We promise," said Id. "And I'll feed it every day," dragging out an old pledge he hoped was somehow relevant and convincing.

"You forget I've lived with you two for over sixty years. I know how meaningless your promises are."

"Oh, come on. Live just a little," Ego chided.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese," Id cried.

"NO! Now go to bed."

Here it is, twelve hours later, and I'm still thinking about drones. Damn.


  1. Will Chet (aka The Dr. #11) be paroled any time soon? Or are you going down there this winter to break him out?

    MV gal

  2. If your heart is a drone, go for it ! Life is way too short not to realize our dreams.

  3. A buddy has one. It came in a beautiful case, square and boxy. It would stack easily amd could be a foot rest or bedside stand. Very practical.

  4. We all KNOW you are SO getting one!

  5. Love this post! For me it is Bass Guitars. I try to stay. away from music stores with many of the same internal arguments running thru the remaining grey matter. ps have followed your blog for quite awhile. Love It!!

  6. Don't watch the AdventureVanMan videos, just don't do it.