Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jay Leno was sighted

I'm visiting friends Richard and Gail in Burbank, California. "Let's see," said Richard, "It's Friday. That means it's hot rod night at the Bob's Big Boy down the street. Wanna get dinner there?"

As we ate, Jay Leno pulled in driving a blue and white '56 Chevy. Alas, he was gone by the time we finished our food and conversation. But there were still some sweet cars.


  1. That last car would never make it into most of our campsites. I bet he hates speed bumps.

  2. I'd have been too busy ooohing and aaaahing about the cars to eat much!

    It's almost worth putting Burbank on the list of places to go this winter!

  3. So nice there till are Bob's Big Boy restaurants, it used to be my favorite one, but the began ' disappearing ' in the late 80's... too bad, I haven't seen one in ages!!