Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This should do the trick

When I posted on a van dweller forum about my directional cellular antenna installation, I got the following reply:
...be aware, the very stiff, thick low noise cable, in combination with the adapters causes strain at the booster's antenna connection and can eventually cause the connector on the Wilson cell booster to break. Mine pulled the traces right off the circuit board. 
This rig needs a pigtail of light, flexible cable between the heavy low noise cable and cell booster as a strain relief. Mine normally sat on a shelf, but every time it was moved or connected/disconnected, there was strain on the booster antenna connection and it eventually failed.
Okay. I wanted to do something about that, because I think my previous cell booster failed because the power connection broke free of the circuit board. I knew the same was possible with the antenna connection. So I searched online and found this:

The fact it was a bulkhead style connector meant I could drill a hole in my steel cabinet, where the booster was already mounted, and have the large end of the cable securely mounted, easily taking the weight of the antenna cable. No movement transmitted to the booster's somewhat fragile connector. And it was nice to no longer need the two adaptors to step down from the antenna cable's N connector to the booster's SMA connector. 

There was even a plastic cap to keep out dirt when the antenna cable isn't connected. Sweet.

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