Friday, September 16, 2016


A lot of people imagine Nevada as a vast wasteland of dirt, rock, sagebrush and Las Vegas. A place where atomic testing actually improved the landscape.

But Pahranagat Lake is one of the spots that run counter to stereotypes. And it reminds us what a difference some water will make.

Yes, that's the Rolling Steel Tent camped among the cottonwoods. Yes, that's a heron thinking about getting some dinner.

And this is part of the view out the van door.

Pahrahagat Lake is run by US Fish & Wildlife. As with most campgrounds on public land, there are tables, fire rings and vault toilets. But best of all, it's free.

Though herons are elegant looking birds, they make an unattractive squawk


  1. What a nice lake, just beautiful & relaxing views. I'm curious thou, in the middle of all that dry land, what the water to the lake comes from ?

    1. They dump unsold designer bottled water here, along with the tears of all the casinos' losing gamblers.

    2. LOL that was an answer !

  2. Outstanding heron shot, of the heron outstanding in the lake.