Wednesday, September 7, 2016


When I first came to Forrest's place, it was hot and shade was a good thing. So camping on the north side of the shop, in the shadow, with some overhanging trees, was a good thing. No need for awnings or other heat-defeating measures.

It's September and not hot anymore up here at 7,000+ feet. Early mornings are chilly in the shade. Late mornings are chilly in the shade. Being kind of slow about some things (particularly when I'm chilly), I finally realized I could move the Rolling Steel Tent out into the sun. Duh.


  1. Are you still hooked up or are you back to solar? Aspens turning yet?

    1. Solar in the sun. Until tonight.

      I haven't been up to aspen elevation in a while, but cottonwoods are starting to change a little.

  2. I walk naked in the sun in the morning when I'm chilled. Well, almost I do wear shorts.