Thursday, July 12, 2018

Get one pair for the price of two!

I have a couple of pairs of Keen Arroyo II semi-sandals I wear every day. I love ‘em but once in a blue moon it would be better to wear closed shoes. Like when there are prickly things or when loose grit finds its way through the holes.

So a week ago, when getting supplies at Walmart, I spotted some cheap shoes that didn’t look bad. They also fit okay. They might not last very long, but for $25 it didn’t matter much. I tossed them in my cart and continued shopping. I checked out, loaded my stuff in the Rolling Steel Tent and drove the twenty miles back to camp. That’s when I discovered the new shoes were missing.


After some head scratching I realized I had left them at the self-checkout. Because my old brain is getting stupid.

I didn't want to drive back to Redmond only to discover the shoes weren’t there anymore. I shrugged and wrote it off. Sure, twenty-five bucks isn’t nothing, but it’s not the end of my world, either.

Well, I was back at Walmart yesterday. “I won’t forget the shoes this time.” As you can see from the photo, I didn’t. They’ll need to last twice as long and make me twice as satisfied.


  1. That reminds me...I need a new laundry bag. I left mine atop the hill south of Cedarville, California.

  2. I refuse to you self check-out. If you want me to check myself, then give me a discount otherwise or I will wait in line for a checker (that needs that job or would not be doing it).

    1. I refuse to wait behind people with overflowing carts while they chit-chat with the cashier or yell at their kids and then want to split their purchases between three cards, and so on.