Saturday, July 14, 2018

I’m where I need to be

It was in the 90s in Sisters, Oregon. That’s not unbearable without air conditioning, but it’s not pleasant. I got sweaty. I spent a lot of time wiping myself down with a damp washcloth. And the ground in the camping spots was loose, dusty dirt that got into everything. But the camping was free.

In contrast, it’s in the 70s here in Winchester Bay. And, unlike my other times here, it isn’t foggy. Windy, though. Out of the north. I’m camped on nice clean pavement, so there’s no dirt problem or lovely trees blocking solar exposure. I’m surrounded by RVers, which isn’t glamorous, and I have to pay to stay, but I’m not hot and dirty. And there are pizza, Mexican, sea food and ice cream joints within walking distance. And a strong cell signal. So all is good.


  1. I am getting to where I like having "facilities" of comfort nearby.

  2. A strong cell signal has become more and more of a necessity in my life. I started choosing more camp sites because of cell signal than any other amenity. Which doesn't mean I didn't hit the restaurants in Quartzsite. My favorite became Sweet Darlene's.