Sunday, July 8, 2018

Inattention = pleasant surprise

I needed some butter. I didn’t need a pound of butter, but there were half-pound packages. Good. But next to those were single sticks. Excellent. Enough to last me several weeks.

Later, when I opened the butter, I discovered it had green flecks in it. Huh? I had failed to notice it was garlic & herb butter. Humph.

But I like garlic. I like herbs. Why not garlicky, herby eggs?

Oh, wow! Amazing. I wish I had always had eggs this way. Let’s see, garlic & herb toast? Garlic & herb potatoes? Glasses of melted garlic & herb butter? Big spoonfuls of garlic & herb butter? I’m afraid this stick isn’t going to last as long as I had imagined.


  1. Yum! That sounds really good. I think I should get some of that.

  2. Haaa, the 3 most pleasurable and I might add, my favorites, as a tramp, eating, sleeping, and daydreaming. Everything else I consider distractions.

  3. I thought the same with some national brand instant mashed potatoes...The kind where you just ad boiling hot water, the regular one's were always tasty...
    I spit the garlic one's out and tossed the rest...
    A steak..without smashed taters...
    Steak was still good, covered in butter..regular butter..