Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No-dog night

According to my fellow campers, it was near freezing last night (July 2-3). They fired up a heater or added bedding. Me? I slept totally unaware of the temperature. I had taken a Benedryl. Knocked me out. In a good way. Coincidentally, I’m the only one of us without a dog or two to help keep me warm.


  1. A dog is in my opinion, the only crrature that will love you, more than they love themselves. Dog spelled backwards is........

    1. What a nice way to put it... Am on wk5 of a adopting a golden retriever from a local shelter. Was lucky, right time/right place, as it was given up as Unwanted when I just happened to be there. And she so often she takes my breath away with the depth of trust and love she shows to me.