Thursday, September 20, 2018

Extreme case of, “Where am I?”

I change locations a lot, so sometimes upon waking up there’s a second or two before I open my eyes when I can’t remember where I’ve camped this time.

This morning, while part of my brain was still enjoying my adventures in Dreamland, not only had I forgotten where I was camped, I’d also forgotten I was in my bed, in my van.


  1. That has been happening to me for over 11 years now. I LIKE IT!

  2. Is it better or worse that you don't find yourself in bed with a strange woman? Or do you?

    1. Al, don't you think women who're strange are FAR more interesting?

    2. There's good strange and bad strange. Both types could be interesting, but I wouldn't want the latter type in my life messing it up more than it already is.