Sunday, September 23, 2018

Up into the Sierras again

I learned about Kennedy Meadows when I read Wild. It’s a rest and resupply spot on the Pacific Crest Trail. And, as I learned from studying Google Maps satellite view, the road is paved all the way there. Paved and steep. Steep enough that I needed to stop a couple of times to let the engine cool down. (Good thing I have actual gauges and that I look at them from time to time.)

The Kennedy Meadows campground isn’t much to write about or take photos of, but I discovered a dispersed camping area a little south of the campground with a short trail to the South Fork of the Kern River.

I made the trip because after a week of tolerable temperatures in Kernville it had become too hot. Ninety-something degrees. Since Kennedy Meadows is about 3,500 feet higher it would be cooler. I could handle being a little chilly at night better than roasting in the afternoon. And it was someplace new to me. New is usually good.


  1. Kingston canyon, Nevada. New, maybe, cool at night, yup, internet, nope, hotsprings, close, gas...Carver's station, $3.28. Take the 120 past mono to tonopah, then 376 to KC. I just left there. Internet in Kingston, yup.