Friday, September 28, 2018


I was thinking about my friend, Jon. Then I thought about a conversation I had with his wife, Katherine. She collects folk art. I used to. I told her about the paintings by well regarded folk artists I had to sell before becoming a nomad. I really loved that art.

As I contemplated that conversation I was surprised I couldn’t remember one of the artist’s names. I guess I had really closed the door on that part of my material world.

I googled around until I found the artist, Jimmy Lee Suddeth. Then I googled the others. To my astonishment, there on the interwebs were two of the paintings I’d sold. They were up for sale again.


I had been imagining my buyer wanted to keep and enjoy the art rather than make money off it. Oh well. We can’t control what people do with our former possessions. At least not without some type of contract.

Getting rid of our stuff is one of the big challenges for many aspiring nomads. Most of our stuff is generic. (How did I end up with so many potholders?) But some of it is cherished, irreplaceable and filled with meaning. Those things are hard to let go. Or forget.