Thursday, September 13, 2018


It’s gospel fact for travelers: gasoline always costs at least forty to fifty cents more per gallon in California thanks to higher state taxes. Smart folks fill up before crossing into the Golden State. That’s what I did this morning in Nevada.

When I stopped for lunch near Sacramento I was stunned to see gas prices lower than what I paid during peak summer travel time in Oregon and Washington, and only a dime higher than what I’d just paid in Reno. This is not how the world is supposed to work.

I know prices are dropping all over the country now that peak summer travel season is over, so the half buck difference in California prices will probably return. In the meantime, I’m just glad I’m not facing four-something-a-gallon gas. At the moment.

Oh, and here’s a handy gasoline price map.


  1. One can surmise that Pres Trump put his foot dwn & got those Californians to lower they's gas taxes. Hit hadn't done no good nohow.