Sunday, September 30, 2018


I had checked the forecasts in several directions. To the north the nighttime temperatures were in the freezing range. To the east it would be in the high nineties. To the south, the remains if Hurricane Rosa would be dumping rain with the possibility of flash floods. To the west, at the coast, it would be cool and very humid. The best option would be to stay put for a while. I felt hemmed in.

Then, just after sunset, a caravan of strangers decided they were going to share my campsite. Without bothering to ask. I would’ve said, “Sure, squeeze in,” but, come on people, this was bad camping etiquette. It’s not like this is a trailhead parking lot where just grabbing a spot is perfectly acceptable.

Oh well. They were quiet, with only a little chatter and a minimum of door slamming. And I had been thinking about returning to Lone Pine.

UPDATE: Half of them left at about 8:15 a.m. and the rest left at about 9:00. Alone again, naturally.


  1. It's increasingly difficult to find solitude. I recently heard/read a statistic, so horrific I immediately "unfiled" the datum, about how many thousands of my cohort are taking to the road each day. You got here in the nick o' time.

  2. My nightmare! Even worse if they insist on a conversation!