Tuesday, September 25, 2018

It’s a reflection on my character

Yesterday a fellow nomad blogged about washing his rig. He remembered his mother saying they might be poor but they didn’t need to be dirty. My own mother was big on being clean and presentable. Most moms probably are.

I used to be a lot better about keeping the Rolling Steel Tent washed and vacuumed. But the past few months I’ve let it slide. Either I knew I was headed someplace dirty so what was the point, or car washes didn’t easily present themselves, or I hoped rain would take care of it, or I didn’t feel like going through my change jar for quarters, or, most likely, I was just lazy.

So after nearly a half year of making jokes about a protective layer of dirt, I put on my man shorts and went to the car wash. This one had an RV bay with elevated walkways to make it easy to wash the roof and solar panel. (Ew, how long has that pancake-sized bird dropping been on the panel?)

Now, as you can see from the reflections, the Rolling Steel Tent is all sparkly. And ready for new dirt.


  1. Visit rainy places. Problem solved.

  2. Those elevated walkways are a mixed blessing.

  3. Well, now you can hold yer head up. Thank god it's the only state where anyone notices. How much did you spend?