Saturday, August 31, 2019

Doing myself a solid

Ceebs and I went looking for hats today. One of the advantages of a major city, especially one whose most famous industry involves costumes, is that there are many specialty clothing stores, including hat shops.

However, the first order of business was coffee for Ceebs. We pulled into the McDonald’s at the end of her block.

Ceebs asked, “Do you want anything? Some kind of food?”

“Maybe something simple. How about the chicken strip thing?” I had been thinking about solid food the past few days. This would be a test of my tastebuds and saliva glands.

I took a bite.

Okay, it tastes like something instead of nothing.

It tastes okay instead of nasty.

My mouth is a little dry but not too dry to finish chewing and swallowing.

Alright. Good. Progress.

I finished the first strip and saved the rest for later. I would observe how solid food sits in my stomach. (As I write this, so far, so good.)

As for the hats, I saw some that were close to what I was looking for, but none that said, “I am the damn hat you need!”


  1. Milburn Drysdale bankers hat always looked sharp.

  2. Atta Boy!! Eating McDonald's is like giving a two-handed finger to that ole nemesis cancer.

    Way tuh go!

  3. Can't believe you started with fried food, but if it sat alright, well, that's awesome. :-)