Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fever dreams (without the fever)

Whenever I’m ill I have short, obsessive, repetitive dreams that continue on when I’m partially awake. When I’m fully awake between dreams I sometimes have a hard time judging whether the dreams were about something real or just 100% crap my brain concocted to torment me. When I go back to sleep the dreams return and the cycle restarts.

Last night the dream had me believing there was only one correct, medically approved sleeping position I had to maintain in order to heal properly, to heal at all. And I couldn’t find that position. Or I’d find the position but it would be uncomfortable and I couldn’t maintain it. Between dreams I couldn’t tell whether the one-position thing was fact or not.

After being awake enough to make a bathroom trip, I finally realized my head was just messing with me. But I didn’t sleep much better.