Monday, August 5, 2019

Short reports

Yay, I’m slightly better than average

I had checkups with my two oncologists today. I was certain I was going to get lectures about my condition, but they were pleased with my progress. They said I looked surprisingly good (internally and externally), considering where I am in the whole recovery cycle, and that it would be at least another week before I started feeling an upswing.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Taste test

Some of my sense of taste is returning. Ceebs made a banana and mango shake for me and, surprise, I could actually taste the banana.

This morning, on the way to my appointments, Ceebs got an Altoid for herself. She offered me one. Okay. It tasted like… absolutely nothing. But then there was a hint of minty vapor in my sinuses.

“This is a good test,” I said. “It’s something with a very strong, very familiar flavor. Each Altoid is identical, so the thing being tested is consistent. I can judge where I am on the Altoids Scale. I'm certain it will become an official standard soon.”

- - - - - - - - - - -

Getting blood from a stone

Weekly blood samples and chemotherapy infusions had left both my arms well punctured. The backs of both hands as well. Then daily antibiotic drips and twice daily blood sampling while in the hospital really taxed my available blood vessels. Today they wanted blood for weekly analysis. A couple of hours later a different group wanted blood for the clinical trial I’m involved in. It took four attempts among three nurses to finally hit blood.


  1. I had a port installed. It made sticks less frequent. Ports take a bit to get used to but for me was well worth the hassle. Depending on where you are in chemo, it might just take a bit of the pain out of your treatments. My opinion is not necessarily yours. I am 11 years post treatment and happy about that.

    1. Chemotherapy is over, along with blood draws for lab work. Now there are just four more hydration sessions. I can cope with that.