Sunday, August 25, 2019

Marking my calendar

I’ve been to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas. Very cool.

And I’ve been to Sparky’s in Hatch NM — a burger joint decorated with large advertising figures like the A&W Drive-In family. Also cool, with the added benefit of good food.

I stopped to visit with Miss Hubcap Capital of the World in Pearsonville CA.

I’ve even waved at Big Boy in a pasture near Wapiti WY.

Then today I learned about Bell Plastics, a company in Hayward CA devoted to making new advertising statues, often called Muffler Men, though not all the statues are men or even human. Once a year (like last week) they open their facility to visitors. I want to be there next August.


  1. So cool! I want to go too but that means being in California in August. Hmmm,I've been thinking we need to do a trip down the coast - maybe that'll work. :-)

  2. Wow, I live near there and had no idea! I'll check it out next year.

  3. Muffler men have been known to come alive and strong arm customers that write muffler shops bad checks. HEY BUDDY, PAY YOUR BILL!!! OR MUFF IS COMMING OFF THE ROOF!! AND YOU DON'T WANNA MEET MUFF!