Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New and improved

I got years of excellent service from my GSI Glacier Stainless Toaster. But the wire screen on the bottom eventually succumbed to the propane and butane flames.

I had purchased old faithful at a camping/backpacking store near Ceebs’ home in Los Angeles, but when I returned for a new one they no longer sold them. So I resorted to Amazon. And ordered two. Gotta plan for the future, even in the middle of cancer treatment.

Wow, the current version is more substantial than the old one. Heavier gauge metal, thicker screen, and there are now solid metal strips on the ends of the mesh. Yet the price is the same. Thank you, GSI. Even if it turns out the improvements don’t extend product life or make better toast, at least they’re trying.


  1. It looks nice and is a true classic bit of camping kit.

  2. GSI is the host of the best toast, and should boast, I'm really digging it on the coast. iloveL.A..

  3. It's the little things...

    Any plan emerging?

    It's hotter'n blue blazes over here at Dino Natl Mon.

    1. I was thinking of a quick run up through Utah to see my siblings, then rejoining Lou in NM.

    2. Any plans for a new ride? I.e. RST.