Saturday, August 24, 2019

Hemmed in again

In the winter I usually hunker down in the border desert. Toward March I get restless and want to hit the road again, but the weather reports show disgustingly cold or wet weather all around me.

Now the flip side of that. I’ve been hunkered down in Los Angeles most of the summer but I’ll be able to return to the road in a couple of weeks. I’ve been checking the forecasts again and I’m surrounded by hellishly hot weather in nearly every direction.



  1. Not much chance of pleasant temperatures until November in that area. But once you are free to leave the weeks will start flying past and it will be November before you can blink twice :)

    Right now in the Seattle area the weather is nice and I find myself thinking...but it was Friday just 2 days did it get to Friday again so quickly????

  2. Um go up? Are there any good boondocking spots in the mountains near you?

    1. There are also lots of people up in the mountains near here, though there might be fewer after Labor Day.

  3. With kids back in school and lots of sports teams for kids keeping them busy on the weekends that will solve the overcrowded campground issues.